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About Vic Moses

Varuzhan Movsesian also known Vic Moses is one of the active young artists in Los Angeles. With the language of art Vic shows the real world of today. He displays and express his visual perceptiveness and acuity to the audience.

In 1996 Vic’s parents enrolled him in T.B.M. private art school for five years. During the school’s  exhibitions, his master Jora Barseghyan time and again described Vic as a “talented kid” with “creative and unique.” After graduating the T.B.M. private art school, Vic decided to continue his education in the United States of America. In 2002, the artist moved to the United States and began building his carrier in graphic design and fine arts. After graduating from Herbert Hoover High School in 2005, he continued his education at California State University Los Angeles. In 2012, Vic graduated with bachelor’s degree in graphic design/fine arts.

Since 2007, the artist become a member of Unified Young Armenians youth organization and created various of artworks, designs, and photography for the youth movements.  Vic Moses entertains the goals of the youth, demonstrates the reality of our history, and captures the political aspects of the Armenian as well as the other genocides around t he world. For example, one of his paintings the helpless hands, has a strong philosophical message for the deniers. This large scale artwork has been used as a stage background for the April 24th Armenian Genocide Commemoration event which has brought together over 70,000 people. The hands in this work are yearning for help  albeit they don’t find it. The audience can see numerous designs, paintings, and photographies of Vic Moses with similar powerful messages.

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